Lego brickOS – Projekt ws02/03


  1. our group
  2. tips&tricks
  3. own designs and technics
  4. projects, programms and solutions
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  6. photos

our group:

  • Hubert Denkmair
  • Kai Römer
  • Andi Wimmer
  • Andi Kellermair


there are some tricks to get around the limitations of lego sensor inputs.

  1. the bounce sensors can be used in parallel
  2. on one sensor input you can plug one light sensor and a bounce sensor at the same time
  3. to improve the output power of the little lego electric motor outputs add 2 more accu cells to the sytem. do not put them parallel but in series to the others.

our technical improvements

we build some special devices to become champions of the course.

  1. the bouncers need a lot of pressure to get activated. for a fast response of the sensors we used alu foile to build our own.
  2. to be able to plug up to 3 bounce sensors to one input and still be able to see which one was activated, add a resistor network to each bounce sensor. for more information please ask:

projects and programms

each project has its own directory:





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