replace the cloud

This page present some replacements for common cloud services. ATM I am trying to become my own cloud provider:

  1. Dropbox, Google Drive, … :: ownCloud (WebDav)
  2. Google Calendar :: ownCloud (CalDav)(Apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Linux available)
  3. Google Contacts ::  ownCloud (CardDav)(Apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Linux available)
  4. Google Reader :: Tiny Tiny RSS (Apps for iOS and Android available)
  5. Google Mail :: your own mail server at home
  6. !!Any Do :: nothing found yet, sure there is! is too good to be replaced yet 🙁
  7. Bookmarks :: ownCloud plugin for chrome or firefox, WordPressProjectis growing! 😉
  8. Whatsapp :: ejabbered is a commonly used xmpp server. It supports pfs.
  9. Picassa :: nothing found yet
  10. wiki :: nothing found yet