about capi2name

capi2name is a suite to visualize incoming calls on a capi capable isdn adapter. It consists of two parts:

  • the capi listener, that listens on the capi interface for incoming calls and writes these data to a mysql database.
  • the lamp webinterface, that is based on a mysql database and a php frontend.

my contribution

  1. the design and backend for the homepage of
  2. the interface to capisuite (an other capi interface listener with answerphone but without web fontend)

some help informations

capisuite interface

HowTo use capisuite with the capi2name webinterface:

  1. install and configure capisuite. have a look at the capisuite homepage for further details. if it is working, the first stage if reached.
  2. extract the capi2name archiv. copy the ./capi2name- files to the webservers directory like its descriped on the capi2name homepage and install the database. you do not need to compile anything from the capi2name archiv.
  3. edit the set $config[‚capisuite‘] = „yes“;
  4. now you have to do some changes:
    • in capisuite/daemon/contrib/capisuite/ you find a diff for /usr/lib/capisuite/ this must be applied. an example can be found at
    • the file capisuite/daemon/contrib/capisuite/ must be copied to /usr/lib/capisuite.
    • make sure all directories below /var/spool/capisuite are readable and executable for the webserver. (rx tags)
    • the username on capi2name must be the same as the system user, who can read the fax and messages from capisuite.
    • to view fax easily online you have to install sff2mix. the sources can be found here

Thats it!

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