Howto build an ibook G4 Power Adapter

Of course, Apple doesn’t use standard power connectors. But what to do, if you need to build your own power supply for your ibook? Here is the solution:

What you need:

  • power generator with 18-24V output which supplies about 4-5 A current.
  • 2.5 mm stereo phone jack like in picture below
  • tools and cable to connect the phone jack to the power supply

The power connector provided by Apple consists of a cinch combined with a phone jack. But for supplying your ibook with energy you just need the phone jack part. In the list below you can see how it is connected:

  1. Vcc (18-24V)
  2. ground
  3. light (but you dont need this)

This works great with my ibook G4 800Mhz.
If you find another mac that this works for, please inform me about the model.