loop encryption problem

gentoo problem:

icebird ~ # mount -t reiserfs /dev/hdc1 /secure/ -o loop,encryption=XXX

Error: Password must be at least 20 characters.

Just recompile:
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge "=util-linux-2.12i-r1"

I think this should only be a temporary solution. rebuild your encrypted partition with a correct password!

Perhaps a interesting link:

mac :: gpsdrive on mac osx tiger


  • fink
  • xcode from mac osx


install the following packages with their -dev volumes:

  • pkg
  • gtk+-2.0
  • glib2-dev
  • pcre
  • atk1
  • gdk-pixbuf

maybe there are some more. i installed gimp previous to gpsdrive. this might be a hint. please tell me if i lost one.


because gpsdrive is looking for gcc3.x and tiger is providing gcc4.0 compatibility you need to change in configure line 20858 to
if $CC -dumpversion|egrep -q "^4.*"; then

then you can ./configure && make

if you just upgraded to tiger make sure you have installed the new DevUtils with gcc4.0